Peritoneal dialysis allowed years and improvement of kidney function

Men who have been visiting the hospital for peritoneal dialysis service life and kidney function improvement.

Peritoneal dialysis is said to be between five and eight years.
I want to have it for a long time, and i have the desire that the kidney function can be restored if it goes well.

Right kidney function 77%
Left 76%
Heart function 77%
91% right lung function
Left lung function 92%
Liver function 91%
Spleen function 91%
Pancreatic function 95%
Colon function 67%
91% of the interlocking of each internal organs
Blood pressure 111/65
Body temperature 36.4 degrees

The doctor told me that there is a risk of myocardial infarction, but i was tested for arteriosclerosis.

In our inspection,

● Arrhythmia and heart muscles, because the valve muscles are stiff, it is causing a decrease in heart function.
This is the use of toes during walking is the cause of the hardness of the heart muscle and the valve ⇒ This has become a number to inform the risk of myocardial infarction that certain enzymes have come out from the heart. Creatinine Kinase

Arrhythmia is tested with two wave problems in the brain.

I always offer such a treatment, but he became the 30th treatment in this.